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Volunteering allows you to give something back to your community. Today, there are so many demands on our time, and firefighting or emergency services require specialized training in addition to the presence of a warm body. If you have a sense of civic pride, if you want to see immediate results of a job well done, if you have the heart and spirit to make your community a better place, consider volunteering with Pittsboro Fire-Rescue.

For more information on how to become a volunteer firefighter, call (919) 542-4101 and ask for Chief Griffin, Chief Shaw, or Chief Richardson or visit us at 150 Sanford Road.


The volunteer fire service is a challenging, exciting, and rewarding experience, conveniently condensed into one package.

If you volunteer, you can pursue a degree and expand your horizon to a career status, if you so choose. Very few things can be a vocation and avocation at the same time, but you have that option as a firefighter.

You can be fully trained and state certified at no expense to you. There is no difference in certification between career and volunteer firefighter. Obviously, there are specialties that are branches of emergency services, such as arson investigation, fire inspector, and fire official.

June 4th

9 AM – EMT Con Ed-Skills

June 8th

7 PM- Volunteer Training
Shift Training

June 10th

9 AM- EMT Con Ed-Skills

June 16th

6 PM- Board Meeting

June 18th

9 AM- EMT Con Ed -Skills

June 22nd

7 PM - Volunteer Training

Shift Training


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