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Pittsboro Fire Rescue Lowers Fire Suppression Rating


Pittsboro, NC - Pittsboro Fire Rescue Department is pleased to announce that it has lowered it Fire Suppression Rating after a recent Inspection.  Pittsboro received a reclassification of a 4. The new rating applies to Town of Pittsboro, and is an improvement from the previous rating of 6.  


The 4 rating will apply to property within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant in the City Limits of Pittsboro.


Areas outside of the Town Limits are also served by Pittsboro Fire Rescue Department as Part of the “Circle City” Fire District. This area also received an improved rating of 5/9E.  


The 5 rating is for property within five miles of a recognized Fire Station.


The 9E rating will apply to those outside of 5 miles from a recognized Fire Station but within 6 miles of a Fire Station. This 9E rating cannot be changed due to distance.   Properties greater than five miles but less than six miles carries a Class 9 rating.


Each insurance company independently determines the premiums it charges its policyholders. Residents and business owners should contact their insurance company to find out whether their rates will be affected.


Both the improved ratings will be effective May 1, 2014.


Town Rating Info:

Town of Pittsboro Rating Download


Circle City Fire District:

Circle City Fire District Download

If you live outside of Town and are within 5 miles of a Pittsboro Fire Rescue Department Station.


Please feel free to download, print,  and give to your insurance agent. The agent may also visit the site to download and print.