911 Address Signs   

 Pittsboro Fire Department is now offering reflective address signs.                                                            





Department History


In the late 1920s a catastrophic fire destroyed the Old County Courthouse and several wooden businesses in Pittsboro. It is believed that this fire and the addition of a water system implemented in 1936 initiated the formal organization of the Pittsboro Fire Department.


In August 1936 the Pittsboro fire department was formed. Pittsboro mayor Will London appointed Sam Beard as chief. Mr. Beard served 27 years as chief, until 1963. During this time the original fire station was a tin building located near the county Jail.
In 1963 A.B. Clark served as Fire Chief and in 1966 J.A. Farrell Jr. and Joe Cox served a short time. Burnice Griffin took the position in 1972 and held the position until 1999. In 1976 during his term the fire station was moved to its current location at 150 Sanford Road. Following Mr. Griffin was Kenneth Perry who took over in 1999 and served until 2003. In 2003 Daryl Griffin took over the position and still serves the department today.

























Chief Griffin has overseen the renovations and living quarter arrangements at the Central station in 2006 and the addition of 14 other full time personnel.






















2008 saw the addition of a new substation on Old Graham Road which is currently staffed 24 hours.