911 Address Signs   

 Pittsboro Fire Department is now offering reflective address signs.                                                            





Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Does the Fire Department give tours of the Fire Station?
A: Yes, we do give tours of the Fire Station for groups of kids and individuals. It is best if you call ahead and schedule a time to visit the station if it is a group of kids. This helps ensure that there is someone here that can show you around the station. You can call the Fire Department at 542-4101 to schedule a tour of the station and the trucks.

Q: Does the Fire Department fill swimming pools?
A: No, we do not fill swimming pools.

Q: My cat is in a tree and won’t come down. Can the Fire Department come and get him?
A: The Fire Department is not able to bring a truck to rescue animals. We suggest placing food on the ground underneath the tree and when the cat gets hungry enough, he will come down. For other animal-related incidents, we suggest contacting Chatham County Animal Control at 919-542-7203.


Q: Where Can I get a Burning Permit?
A: Burn permits for burning outside the city limits can be obtained at multiple locations, or on the Department of Forestry Services’ website at www.dfr.state.nc.us. They can be issued for 30 days. If you are doing a large burn, it is suggested that you alert the Fire Department in advance at 919-542- 4101, and of course, if the fire gets out of hand, call 9-1-1.




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